This course is designed for programmers or end users that need an introduction to the SyncSort product.


1 day


Students should be able to log on to their mainframe systems and build basic batch jobstreams.


This course will introduce the student to the SyncSort product. Emphasis will be on sorting, merging, and copying data with SyncSort.


  • understand the basic functions of the SyncSort product
  • use SyncSort product features for sorting, merging, and copying datasets
  • code and run SyncSort jobstreams
  • learn and use all of the major SyncSort control statements
  • select and format records coming in and going out of the SyncSort product
  • summarize and combine records
  • split files into multiple output files
  • define and use SyncSort parameters
  • understand and interpret SyncSort job logs and error messages
  • become familiar with exit programs and other special processes


  • Introduction to SyncSort
  • Sorting with SyncSort
  • Merging with SyncSort
  • Copying data with SyncSort
  • Control statements
  • SyncSort parameters:
  • Job logs
  • Error messages
  • Coding and use of exit programs
  • Special processing with SyncSort


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