SAS® Report Writing





This course is designed for users who have some experience with SAS and want a more in depth understanding of the reporting features of SAS.


2 or 3 days

Prerequisites Knowledge of the fundamentals of SAS is required. A course such as “Introduction to SAS” or equivalent experience is needed. In addition, students should know how to run SAS at their site.


SAS software can be used to solve a broad range of data processing problems including generating reports. The SAS Report Writing class is designed to give students the background they need to create reports from many sources of data in a variety of formats. The first two days of this course will cover the major data step and report writing procedures of SAS, with the third day dedicated to PROC REPORT.


  • Become familiar with the various report generation methods available in SAS
  • Use the full capabilities of report generating SAS PROCs
  • Understand how to organize data in preparation for report generation
  • Learn how to handle external files with the SAS Data Step
  • Learn how to use Data Step programming to create flexible format reports
  • Understand basic Macro language concepts related to report generation
  • Understand and produce reports with PROC Report (3 day class only)


  • Reviewing SAS capabilities and data structures
  • General report writing concepts
  • Detail reports with PROC PRINT and PROC FORMS
  • Data step report generation
  • Preparing data by sorting and transformation
  • Summarized reporting with PROC MEANS, PROC TABULATE, PROC FREQ
  • Advanced DATA step features
  • PROC REPORT (3 day class only)




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