Exploiting the SAS® Output Delivery System




This course is designed for SAS programmers or users that would like to take advantage of the SAS ODS system.


2 days


Students should have attended “Introduction to SAS” training or have equivalent experience.


The SAS ODS product is a powerful component of the SAS system that directs SAS output to multiple destinations. This course will introduce students to the SAS ODS product to enhance SAS reports. Emphasis will be on practical applications for everyday SAS work. It will not address PROC TEMPLATE in detail.


  • Understand ODS components
  • Invoke those components with ODS statements
  • Enable or disable the listing destination
  • Send current SAS reports to HTML for publishing to a web server
  • Import SAS reports into Excel and other programs
  • Create RTF and PDF files via ODS
  • Create SAS output data files from ODS
  • Understand basic HTML as it relates to SAS
  • Create a table of contents for HTML files
  • Include graphics in your reports
  • Automatically email reports generated by SAS jobs
  • Understand the difference between SAS styles & stylesheets.
  • Archive historic reports
  • Show emphasis on important numbers or graph areas by changing background colors or fonts


  • Creating HTML reports
  • Using SAS Styles
  • Exporting HTML to Excel and other programs
  • Creating RTF Output
  • Using the PRINTER and PDF destinations
  • Creating Output Data Tables
  • Introduction to HTML statements and tags
  • Creating a HTML table of contents
  • Using Embedded Links in reports
  • Linking pages and providing “drill down” capabilities
  • Emailing capabilities of SAS and ODS
  • Using Cascading Style Sheets
  • Customized Styles for Proc Tabulate, Report and Print
  • Introduction to Proc Template
  • Automating the Archiving Process
  • Working with XML Files
  • Overview of SAS/Graph
  • SAS/Graph Devices
  • Creating Drill-Down Graphics




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