SAS® Macros



This course is designed for experienced SAS programmers who would like to use the SAS macro language.


2 days

Prerequisites A knowledge of the fundamentals of SAS is required. A course such as Introduction to SAS or equivalent experience is needed. In addition, students should know how to run SAS at their site, know how to create and store SAS datasets and libraries, and know how to use SAS statements such as MERGE, SET, DO, PUT, and FILE.


This course will cover all of the major facilities of the SAS macro system. This class is a mixture of lecture and extensive hands-on exercises, including a case study example used to develop an actual macro system in the three day class.


  • understand the relationship between the SAS macro system and the other components of SAS such as the DATA step and the SAS Display Manager
  • use automatic macro variables to capture and change system information
  • create and use your own macro variables for modifying code
  • design macros to make your SAS programming tasks easier
  • define local and global macro variables
  • interpret macro tracing and error messages and debug SAS macros
  • learn and use macro functions
  • understand SAS quoting and DATA step interface functions


  • SAS macro overview
  • SAS macro variables
  • SAS macros
  • SAS macro referencing environments
  • SAS macro programming statements
  • debugging macros
  • macro functions
  • data step interfaces
  • quoting functions
  • macro invocation




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