This course is designed for both DP and non-DP users who would like to use SAS/FSP to edit, browse, generate form letters, or do data entry with SAS datasets.


1 or 2 days

Prerequisites Prior attendance at an introductory SAS class or equivalent. Students should be able to run SAS at their sites.


This “hands-on” course presents the SAS Full Screen Product which is the data entry, browsing, editing, and letter writing product in the SAS family. The FSP programs allow the users to modify data in a SAS dataset interactively, for such applications as survey data entry, simple editing, browsing through SAS datasets, generating form letters, and creating new SAS datasets. This is one of the most popular and “user friendly” of the SAS products and is very simple to learn. In the first day this class provides the student with practical working knowledge of the product to perform basic applications. The second day introduces the advanced features for developing full data entry systems utilizing the Screen Control Language (SCL).


  • understand how SAS/FSP fits into the entire SAS system
  • understand SAS dataset & catalog conventions and structure
  • browseSASdatasetsusingPROCFSBROWSEandPROCFSVIEW
  • create a new SAS dataset under SAS/FSP
  • enterdataintoanexistingSASdatasetwithPROCFSEDITandFSVIEW
  • developcustomdataentryscreensandmenus
  • alterscreenattributessuchascolor,intensity,andrequiredfields
  • produceformletterswithPROCFSLETTER
  • utilizeScreenControlLanguageforcustomdataentrysystems


  • introduction to SAS/FSP and review of basic SAS concepts
  • editingexistingSASdatasets
  • customscreensandmenus
  • creating new SAS datasets with SAS/FSP
  • browsingandeditingSASdatasetswithPROCFSVIEW
  • browsingexternalfiles
  • formlettergeneration
  • customfunctionkeysandprofiles
  • advancedfieldvalidationusingSASINFORMATS
  • using SCL to compute fields, cross-validate, pop-up windows, select from lists, validate structures
  • compilinganddebuggingSCLprograms

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