SAS® Efficiencies




This course is designed for students who have experience with SAS and want to enrich their SAS skills and improve the efficiency of their SAS programs.


1 day

Prerequisites A working knowledge of the fundamentals of SASis required. A course such as “Introduction to SAS” or equivalent experience is needed.


This course will cover how SAS processes large data files and will show several techniques for improving a SAS program. Emphasis will be on the DATA step, with a brief look at improving the use of several SAS PROCS.


  • Understand how to measure “efficiency”
  • Understand how the data step handles data, both input and output
  • Learn how to alter SAS column attributes as needed for correctness and efficiency
  • Practice techniques for reducing the amount of data SAS has to process
  • Learn to use SAS programming logic in an efficient manner and understand
  • Why some programs are less efficient than others
  • Review using FORMAT statements effectively
  • Understand when, how, and why to sort or index SAS data files
  • Discuss storage of compiled DATA step source code
  • Utilize WHERE statements to maximize coding efficiency
  • Understand when to use SAS VIEWS and PROC SQL
  • Know how and when to use data compression


  • Measuring efficiency
  • Inner workings of the DATA step
  • Efficient data types and sizes
  • Reducing rows and columns
  • Reading external flat files
  • Using SAS statements for efficient code
  • Sorting and indexing data
  • Documenting SAS programs
  • Using SAS data views
  • Compressing data files
  • Putting together more efficient large SAS programs





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