SAS/ACCESS to Relational Databases





This introductory course is designed for programmers, data processing personnel, and non-data processing users who would like to use the SAS system to access data in relational databases such as DB/2, Oracle, Teradata, Netezza, MS Access or other systems.


1 day

Prerequisites Students should be able to run SAS at their sites.


Relational databases are becoming more popular, and with Version 9 or later of SAS, accessing those databases is simpler than ever before. This course demonstrates the ways that SAS users can retrieve data from popular relational databases such as DB/2, Oracle, Teradata, Netezza, and Microsoft Access among others. It is a combination of examples, lecture and hands-on exercises with an emphasis on practical applications as well as efficiencies and more advanced techniques.


  • Understand the relationship between a DBMS and SAS
  • Understand differences between a DBMS and SAS
  • Access DBMS data in SAS using the LIBNAME statement
  • Use the PROC SQL pass-through facility to create SAS tables and views - Use In-Database processing for allowed procedures
  • Subset rows and columns
  • Join multiple DBMS tables and return the result to SAS
  • Join a DBMS table with a SAS dataset
  • Debug and optimize your queries


  • Introduction to SAS/ACCESS
  • SAS/Access LIBNAME engines
  • PROC SQL Pass-Through Facility - Joining and downloading
  • In-Database
  • Efficiencies
  • Database specific considerations
  • SAS/ACCESS to ODBC Setup



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