Proc SQL - Bite Sized



½ day


  • Become familiar with the various report generation methods available in SAS
  • Identify when and how PROC SQL can be used in SAS programs
  • Write SQL code using various styles of the SELECT statement
  • Dynamically create new variables on the SELECT statement
  • Use SQL options to control the appearance of reports
  • Create multiple reports on a single PROC SQL statement
  • Create reports containing percentages using PROC SQL
  • Use CASE/WHEN clauses for conditionally processing the data
  • Improve the appearance of reports by using FORMATs, LABELs, TITLEs, FOOTNOTEs, and OPTIONS
  • Aggregate data using summary functions and the GROUP BY statement
  • Rearrange the order of the data by using the ORDER BY clause
  • Subset data using the WHERE and HAVING clauses
  • Create TABLEs and VIEWs on PROC SQL
  • Use the SET operators to bring multiple data sets together
  • Use subqueries to subset data prior to bringing multiple data sets together
  • Join data and use the different joining techniques
  • Create and modify data using PROC SQL





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