PROC Report - Bite Sized



½ day


Knowledge of the fundamentals of SAS is required. A course such as “Introduction to SAS” or equivalent experience is needed.


  • Learn how to create and modify reports
  • Change the order of data in reports using the ORDER= option and the ORDER usage option
  • Improve the appearance of the default reports using LABELs and FORMATs
  • Learn how to aggregate data using the GROUP usage option
  • Compute new variables in the report using COMPUTE blocks
  • Learn how to control information on the report using the FLOW and PANEL= options
  • Create sub- and grand totals on the report using the BREAK and RBREAK statements
  • Create customized sub- and grand totals on the reports using the COMPUTE blocks
  • Create grouped or stacked columns using the ACROSS usage option
  • Learn how to calculate various types of percentages on your reports using COMPUTE blocks





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