Mainframes Made Easy


This course is intended for users who have had minimal exposure to the mainframe and would like to have an overview of creating and submitting batch jobs in the OS/390 environment.


2 days

Prerequisites Students should have a mainframe login id and valid password.


This course provides a basic introduction to mainframes, ISPF and JCL. The course will provide an introduction and overview of commonly used ISPF functions including allocating, browsing, and editing files. An introduction to JCL and basic explanation of common JCL statements is also provided.


  • Understand the mainframe environment
  • Edit simple text files and programs
  • Copy existing files and programs
  • Allocate sequential and partitioned data sets
  • Write simple JCL
  • Submitting and routing a job through the System
  • Printing results
  • Storing output in archival systems such as SAR, $AVRS, IOF
  • Understand useful shortcuts and help facilities.


  • Mainframe overview
  • Logging on to a Mainframe
  • Navigating ISPF
  • Creating files
  • Browse vs Edit File
  • File Editing
  • Line Commands
  • Primary Commands
  • File Maintenance
  • JCL Basics
  • JCL Syntax
  • JOB Statement
  • EXEC Statement
  • DD Statement
  • Output Archival
  • Miscellaneous Topics
  • Useful Shortcuts


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