Introduction to SAR


  1. Introduction
  2. Requesting Access to View SAR Reports
    1. SAR Report Access
    2. Tso & SAR Report Access
  3. Accessing SAR via TSO
  4. Accessing SAR via CICSSAR
  5. Accessing SAR Regions
  6. Retrieving SAR Reports from Tape
  7. Viewing SAR Reports
  8. Maneuvering Through SAR & SAR Reports
  9. Finding Specific Data on a SAR Report
    1. Search String
  10. Printing SAR Reports
  11. Logging Out of SAR
  12. Adding a Session to your SuperSession Menu
  13. F.Y.I.
    1. Common SAR Report Commands
    2. Common Key Prompts
    3. Which Way Do I Go Visual Aid

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