Introduction to SAS® 




This introductory course is designed for programmers, DP personnel, and non-DP users who would like to use the SAS system.


3 days

Prerequisites Students should be able to run SAS at their sites.


SAS is one of the most popular data management languages available on computers today. It provides statistical analysis but is also a good system for normal programming applications. This introductory course is designed for people who would like to use SAS for basic reporting, charting, and data summarization as well as utility or “one-shot” applications. This is a two or three day hands-on class that will provide students with practical working knowledge of the product.


  • Identify components of SAS
  • Code and run SAS programs
  • Build SAS datasets from raw input
  • Use SAS PROCs to analyze data
  • Count values with PROC FREQ
  • Compute simple statistics such as MEAN and STD
  • Summarize data values
  • Identify and correct common mistakes
  • Write data step formulas, select rows and columns, and do accumulations
  • Format SAS data values to improve their appearance in reports
  • Produce PROC PRINT and DATA step reports
  • Process dates and times
  • Merge, interleave, subset, and concatenate SAS datasets
  • Create and manage permanent SAS data libraries


  • Basic SAS concepts
  • Creating SAS datasets
  • Processing SAS datasets
  • Counting values with PROC FREQ
  • PROC MEANS applications
  • Summarizing, ranking and correlating
  • SAS errors and missing values
  • Transforming SAS data values
  • Formatting SAS data values
  • Report writing with SAS
  • Handling dates and times with SAS
  • Reshaping SAS datasets
  • Permanent SAS dataset management




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