Introduction to PROC Report




This course is designed for both DP and non-DP users who have some experience with SAS and want a more in depth understanding of PROC REPORT.


1 day

Prerequisites Knowledge of the fundamentals of SAS is required. A course such as “Introduction to SAS” or equivalent experience is needed. In addition, students should know how to run SAS at their site.


SAS software can be used to solve a broad range of data processing problems including generating reports. The Introduction to PROC Report class is designed to give students the background they need to create reports using this powerful report writing tool. This course will deal specifically with PROC Report in a batch environment, not as an interactive programming tool.


  • Learn how to create and modify reports
  • Change the order of data in reports using the ORDER= option and the ORDER usage option
  • Improve the appearance of the default reports using LABELs and FORMATs
  • Learn how to aggregate data using the GROUP usage option
  • Compute new variables in the report using COMPUTE blocks
  • Learn how to control information on the report using the FLOW and PANEL= options
  • Create sub- and grand totals on the report using the BREAK and RBREAK statements
  • Create customized sub- and grand totals on the reports using the COMPUTE blocks
  • Create grouped or stacked columns using the ACROSS usage option
  • Learn how to calculate various types of percentages on your reports usingCOMPUTE blocks


  • Overview of the SAS System
  • Introduction to PROC REPORT
  • ORDERing data
  • Aggregating data
  • Creating new variables
  • PROC REPORT options
  • Sub- and grand totaling data
  • Customized report breaks
  • Group or stacked column headings
  • Calculating percentages
  • Additional PROC REPORT features





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