Intermediate SAS®




SAS provides statistical analysis but is also a good system for normal programming applications. This intermediate course is designed for people who would like a better understanding of SAS. The course builds on the concepts from the Introduction to SAS class and focuses on techniques used to manipulate data within the SAS data step. This is a three day hands-on class that will provide students with practical working knowledge of the product.


  • review components of SAS
  • manage SAS data libraries
  • review data access methods with Multiple Engine Architecture and Pass-Thru
  • identify methods to debug code
  • define and work with SAS variable attributes
  • learn data step compile time statements
  • learn data step execution time statements
  • work with dates and times
  • learn to read complex raw data files
  • work with variable lists
  • use SAS functions for data handling and manipulation
  • merge, interleave, subset, and concatenate SAS datasets
  • learn methods to build sample data sets
  • compare SAS data sets with PROC COMPARE




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