Advanced SAS®




This course is designed for students who have some experience with SAS and want a more in-depth understanding of the product.


2 days

Prerequisites “Introduction to SAS” and "Intermediate SAS" or equivalent experience is needed.


The SAS system provides a very powerful programming language for many applications. This course will present some of the advanced features of the language.    The course builds on the concepts from the Intermediate SAS class introducing several new topics.  This is a two day hands-on class that will provide students with practical working knowledge of the product.


  • Review components of SAS
  • Using data set compression
  • Work with SAS Indexing
  • Understand Integrity constraints
  • Perform Keyed access to SAS data
  • Use SAS Modify Statement
  • Create SAS functions with PROC FCMP
  • Understand FORMATS in depth
  • Define and use HASH objects in SAS
  • Learn several sampling techniques in SAS
  • Learn advanced features of PROC SORT
  • Understand SAS views and stored compiled programs
  • Understand SAS operating systems interfaces




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