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The Missing Semicolon: Quick Tip Archive

January 2012 

  • Use SYMPUTX to do the work of SYMPUT, TRIM, LEFT, PUT.
  • Use Enterprise Guide to join up to 32 tables at once with a GUI.

February 2012 

  • Creating new styles with SAS Enterprise Guide Style Manager
  • The best debugging statement: PUTLOG

March 2012

  • Displaying SAS PROC names in Enterprise Guide
  • Date Checks: Cleaning Up Dates

April 2012

  • Setting Print Options in Enterprise Guide
  • Calculating the Next Sequential Number and Storing it for Later Use

May 2012

  •  Auto Arrange Feature in Enterprise Guide: Organizing Your Process Flow
  • Referencing All Elements in an Array

June 2012

  • The Holiday Function

July 2012

  • Quickly Understand Your Data in SAS Enterprise Guide