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Volume 13 Number 3                      Subscribe Here! March / 2012
Displaying SAS PROC names in Enterprise Guide
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Productivity Tips for SAS Enterprise Guide Users 


SAS Enterprise Guide is a versatile, revolutionary tool for everyone from novice analysts to experienced programmers. This paper focuses on tips for a wide variety of users. Topics include leveraging point-and-click functionality, producing quick ad hoc analyses, organizing SAS processes, increasing speed and accuracy in SAS, automating and streamlining processes, creating attractive reports and graphs, learning how to code what you want and avoiding what you do not, and leveraging new features available in SAS Enterprise Guide. We discuss many quick time-saving tips for analysts and programmers. This paper has something for any SAS Enterprise Guide user and also has great information for someone who has never used SAS Enterprise Guide but is interested in its capabilities.


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Unusual Uses of SAS
Our company has used SAS almost exclusively for many years and we feel that it is clearly the best software for many applications. This paper will discuss uses of SAS that are not normally thought of, but for which SAS fits very well. This paper will be of interest to all SAS users.
This paper will discuss the following topics:
1. Conversion programs with SAS
2. Utility applications for programmers
3. Auditing other software packages with SAS
4. Production reporting systems with SAS.
5. Source control with SAS
6. Cross-referencing data sources with SAS


Intro to SAS®

May 14-16 | September 17-19
SAS Enterprise Guide®
May 17-18 | September 20-21
SAS®  Macros
September 24-25
SAS® SQL Procedure
September 27
SAS® Efficiencies
September 28

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Dear SAS User,


Springtime in the SAS world means that we are getting ready for the SAS Global Forum (SGF).  Now that we have our papers written, we are all busily working on the presentations for SGF in Orlando on April 22-25, 2012.  There is still time to register!


I will be doing a presentation on my favorite topic-Productivity Tips for EG Users.  The presentation will focus on how to leverage EG's functionality for maximum efficiency.  If you haven't used Enterprise Guide, it will give you a great look at how you could use EG to increase your efficiency, cut down on syntax errors, and cleverly organize your entire SAS process.  If you are an experienced EG user, it should give you a few new tips to implement.


Steve First will also be presenting The SAS® Log: A Wealth of Data and Job Flow Information.  Steve will leverage his 35 years of SAS experience to show useful metrics that your SAS log contains (besides errors and warnings).  Then he will discuss how you can use these to automate and validate run results, debug errors that are difficult to spot, provide job flow information and job optimization, and enable grids.


If you are attending SAS Global Forum, we hope to see you there.  Otherwise, the written papers will be available through The Missing Semicolon.


Thanks for Reading!

Jennifer First
Director of Operations  

Check us out at SAS Global Forum

April 22-25, 2012
Orlando, FL
SSC Presentations:

The SAS Log: A Wealth of Data and Job Flow Information


Productivity Tips for SAS Enterprise Guide Users



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