Project Resume

Systems Seminar Consultants, Inc. has provided SAS support services to large Fortune 500 companies and government agencies since 1982. We also have extensive development experience in many non-SAS technologies coordinating business to business services with insurance, financial, health care, manufacturing, marketing, and government organizations. Leverage our experience for your next project:

General | Marketing | Financial Services/Banking | Healthcare/Insurance | Government
Retail | Manufacturing | Utilities | Conversions


  • Dimensional Modeling and Data Mart Creation.   Design and implementation of data marts specifically designed to easily answer analytical questions and simply create executive reports.
  • Business Intelligence. Full support SAS Enterprise Business Intelligence Solutions from pre to post installation.  Tasks include data integration (ETL), system tuning, report development, and ongoing administration.
  • Business Analysis Project Support. Assisted clients in creating initial specifications for projects, implementing and managing projects and creating top notch documentation and after-project support.
  • Process Automation. Automated large complicated reporting processes saving numerous personnel hours and system resources.
  • Dashboard Reporting. Developed large reporting packages with HTML output and graphs for daily and monthly reporting needs, including Dashboard reports.
  • Statistical Model Evaluation Tool. Created processes for staff Statisticians to track and assess statistical models.


  • Customer Segment Profiles . Time series data for various customer segments with information that includes credit score, income and other demographics.
  • Campaign Selection.  Tools developed to automate the selection process and create files ready for Affinium.
  • Integration of Geographic and Acxiom Data.  Acxiom data queried to help identify potential customers and map selection results in ArcGIS.
  • Model Building . Models developed to score customers based on characteristics of prior customers with high response rates and/or large sales amounts.
  • Campaign Performance.  Report suite designed tracking campaign response rates, sales, amounts, and other performance metrics segmented by vintage, credit score groups, and other customer groups.
  • Campaign Return on Investment .  Data model and design reports built to analyze the cost of each campaign and promotion and the associated sales and profit metrics.
  • Pipeline Reports. Pipeline reports developed to examine the sales funnel by quantifying the number of customers at various stages of the sales funnel and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Media Spend Optimization Data Mart . Created a data mart with media spend for all venues, sales, and performance data to allow client to view sales funnel data and make quick decisions to optimize media spend and develop strategies to work applications in the pipeline.  Some data processed included Google, Yahoo, MSN, Web Data, and Sales.
  • Marketing Geographic Reports.  Produced detailed maps from SAS output using ArcGIS software through geoprocessing to summarize findings.
  • Sales Point Incentive Program . Reporting package customized to include Key Products Sold, Sales Points, and Goals , along with activity reports showing contacts, referrals, and appointments.

Financial Services / Banking

  • Portfolio Status Monitoring System. Designed and implemented a system to monitor portfolio status.
  • Decision System Data Mart. Designed and managed the development of a database to document and map credit scoring decision systems.
  • Credit Bureau Data Standardization. Led large project of gathering and standardizing data from multiple credit bureaus and creating process to analyze and report on data.  
  • Interactive Financial Projection System.  Re-engineered a large and complex financial projection system.  Incorporated new functions to allow novel business analysis and maintenance of historical data.  Reduced data analysis time drastically. Created a graphical user interface with dozens of end-user screens.
  • Risk Customer Loan Analysis. Created automated reporting package for a risk department analyzing customer loans.
  • Pricing Pools . Created an interactive application for analysis and review of mortgage industry data, including overview, selection, reporting and pricing of pools of mortgages.
  • Decision Rule Implementation. Created a flexible system allowing clients to change values of multiple decision variables to prove that a purchased product meets business decision rules. Tested expected changes from future business rule changes.
  • Credit Risk Analysis. Used data from Equifax, Experian, and Transunion to create internal credit scores.  Audited processes which created internal credit scores.
  • Portfolio Reports. Designed and developed numerous reporting packages for a major financial services corporation.  These included portfolio risk management reporting, data analysis for portfolio acquisition pricing, and analysis of lease portfolios for portfolio settlement.  Developed an interactive user interface for new vehicle residual values.
  • Decision Tree Analysis.  Produced reports and datasets analyzing the behavior of financial services consumers.  Looked at application activity before a loan was booked.  Created marketing reports looking at sales of new products for secured loans.
  • Triggers Process . Flagging accounts that are in danger of leaving, and identifying new cross-sell opportunities.
  • Decision System Utility. Built Data Mapping Utility to aid end-users in the conversion to a new Decision System Tool.

Healthcare / Insurance

  • Disease Management Database. Designed and developed a disease database for the quality improvement and information services departments for a health care system.
  • Health Plan Report Custom Suites . Designed and developed various programs and reports for the pharmacy, quality improvement, enrollment, subrogation, health care analytical services, rating and underwriting, and information services departments at an area health plan.
  • Health Plan Help Desk System. Designed and developed an interactive interface and a multi-dimensional database for a help desk analysis system at a local health plan using SAS/MDDB.  Held training sessions to teach the client how to use the system while implementing system across company divisions.


  • State Government Public Reports .  Developed flexible reporting system for state agency using DB2, SQL, and SAS to create download data or SAS report for public distribution.  Reports required filter criteria to be entered on front end, passed to mainframe, and written to final report.
  • Traffic Forecasting. Designed forecasting program based on statistical analysis of data and web-based forecasting and project monitoring system for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation that included drill-down maps of highways and graphs of forecasts.
  • Medicaid Reports. Designed and developed a program for an HMO summarizing health care utilization and cost data for Medicaid recipients meeting State of Wisconsin reporting requirements.
  • HEDIS Reports.   Assisted clients with ETL requirements for pulling data and submitting to NCQA.


  • Inventory Allocation System. Created UNIX-based automated system for allocating inventory between retail stores.  Guided client on system design and changes to their current process.  Ran categorical analysis to determine the level of specification needed for calculations and created predictive. reports and graphs.
  • Marketing Venue Spreadsheets.  Developed process to create automated Excel reports showing how revenue is generated from various marketing vehicles such as web searches, banner advertisement, and direct marketing.
  • Call Center Data Assessment . Creation of a project plan to streamline processes and create more timely reports.
  • Campaign Selection (see marketing).


  • Documentation of Existing Process.  Developed documentation on a complex Visual Basic based Quality Control database serving two purposes:  a specification document to convert to a new application; a reference for end-users.
  • Audit Logs. Developed a flexible system to reprocess data submission jobs for a data backload project. The jobs submitted varied input datasets, and the resubmit process generated an audit log of all jobs submitted for a source vendor.


  • Invoice Creation. Wrote an invoice creation system for a major telephone company allowing them to create invoices in-house using BDT files, saving millions of dollars per year.
  • Customer Information Data Analysis System. Developed a system to screen, validate, and standardize third-party data and integrate it with internally generated company data.  Created an end-user interface for data loading and management tasks. Customized SAS/EIS to provide an interface for data exploration and reporting.


  • Mass Application Conversion System.  Created a system to translate complete legacy Mark IV (Advantage Vision Builder) jobs, including JCL and IMS functions, into SAS jobs.  Transferred all Mark IV functions to well-supported SAS products.
  • Conversion from FOCUS.  Converted previous client-written Focus programs to SAS programs for a property and casualty insurance company.
  • SAS Systems Consolidation.  Reconciled technical and usage incompatibilities among systems employed by agencies with several hundred users across a wide geographic area.  Built and tested a prototype single image system.  Consolidated existing systems into a single, consistent SAS system for all users.

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