Help Desk

Strong technical support greatly increases the application and value of the SAS software you are licensing. The staff at Systems Seminar Consultants has attained extensive experience in a variety of data centers, complex systems, and diverse industries, and we continuously strengthen this through our consulting and training services. With the addition of our Help Desk Service, we have discovered a way to answer our clients’ SAS questions through leveraging our resources at our home office in Madison WI.

Our experts can assist you with:

  • Building on Training Classes
  • Increasing Efficiency and Productivity
  • Maximizing Time
  • Advanced Technical Expertise
  • Immediate Priority Support
  • Longer Term Consulting Available As Needed
  • Encouraging Synergy
  • Alleviating Workload on Internal Experts

Contact Systems Seminar Consultants today regarding your support needs. We'll take the time to understand your individual company and help you in developing a help desk plan that will fit your unique needs.