Data Warehousing

Data that has been collected for a number of years resides in various data sources: mainframes, proprietary systems, client-server applications, etc. If you need to make use of the data residing in your different systems, your company could benefit from a data warehouse. Data warehouses can provide your organization with an efficient method to store, update, and access historical data for analysis and reporting. The experts at Systems Seminar Consultants have a great deal of experience extracting data from various data sources and loading it into a central storage area which is often a challenging step in data warehousing.

Our data analysis experts can assist you with:

  • Assessing the Need/Use of the Data Warehouse
  • Designing the Warehouse
  • Extracting the Transactional Data from the Various Sources
  • Loading the Data into a Staging Area
  • Loading the Transformed Data into a Dimensional Database
  • Building Pre-Calculated Summary Values to Speed up Report Generation
  • Building a Front-End Reporting Tool
  • Transforming the Transactional Data

Contact Systems Seminar Consultants today and we'll help you build an efficient and useful data warehouse.